Who really determines the outcome of an election? The Koch Brothers?, George Soros? the media? The correct answer is you do; because, together, we win!

If the election of 2016 taught us anything, it taught us that when we gather our resources and our energy together, even the most powerful forces in politics must yield to the will of the people in our Republic.  The will of the people is reflected in 1. our prayers, 2. our votes, 3. our influencing of friends to vote and in 4. our financial support of candidates.  Individually, these four factors may not seem to amount to much, BUT collectively these four factors are what truly determines the outcome of an election.

Our Future in America exists, to assist in the aggregation of resources from seemingly small sources and to focus these incredibly valuable political assets on very specific outcomes in favor of electing “America first” minded candidates. We use social media to target likely voters and message them with great reasons to get out and vote on election day, and to bring their friends and like-minded family members.

May we ask you to come alongside and financially support our efforts?

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