For those who complain about the tone of the president, in his comments and tweets, I remind them that Washington, D.C., is full of politicians who say all the right things but don’t accomplish squat for the American people. On the other hand, the president may not talk or tweet the way many of us do in the country, but he is getting the job done.

Massive tax cuts for the middle class and other hard-working taxpayers. Regulatory reform is encouraging job growth and greater entrepreneurship. As mentioned, 50-year lows in unemployment as well as dramatic wage growth. Solid judicial nominations that uphold the Constitution. Sound foreign policy victories such as removing two leaders of some of the great terrorist threats in the world.

Any number of these policy victories would be a path to reelection for almost anyone else. At the same time, the media continues to condemn and misinterpret the actions of Mr. Trump and his administration.

To win will require thousands of grassroots volunteers to reach out to family and friends, neighbors and co-workers plus people we worship with each week to get the truth out about the president — as well as his opponents.






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