And for those who think Christians in politics shouldn’t fight back and should be sweet, smiling, and sugary, let me explain something.  If a Christian plays in the NFL, he hits people.  Hard.  He tackles, he blocks, he runs over people.  If he doesn’t, he won’t even start on a junior high team, much less make it to the NFL.  Because in the arena of football, it’s just a rough game.  If a Christian plays in the NBA, he will fight for every rebound, use his elbows to keep the ball, and run over people in the lane to get the shot, because in the arena of basketball, that’s how it’s played.

And in the game of politics, there are no prizes for 2nd place; everyone does NOT get a trophy, and you have to play hard and fight hard because the issues matter.  Sure, you play within the rules and you don’t cheat, lie, or hit below the belt.  But the football player unwilling to hit hard won’t be in the game long.  And the candidate who doesn’t fight for every inch of turf doesn’t belong in the game, because like it or not, that’s the arena in which we play.

One doesn’t have to be unnecessarily rough, mean, or vicious, but don’t play politics if you can’t stand to see your own blood, or can’t accept being hit from behind.  It’s a full contact sport played without pads.  Not for the faint of heart.  The Christian in the NFL or NBA plays hard and plays to win, but hopefully plays ethically.  The Christian in politics shouldn’t lie, steal, or cheat, but can’t pretend the game is without conflict and contact.



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