The vast majority of U.S. blue-collar workers say their lives are headed “in the right direction,” according to the results of a poll released this week.

Eighty-five percent of these workers in America are optimistic regarding the direction of their lives, and 86 percent are satisfied with their jobs, according to the survey commissioned by Express Employment Professionals.

Although the blue-collar community is overwhelmingly optimistic about their career and life, 70 percent say they do not trust elected officials.

“There’s been a great deal of chatter about the future and frustrations of America’s blue-collar workers,” Express Employment Professionals CEO Bill Stoller said. “Our survey reveals that blue-collar workers are upbeat, optimistic and proud of the work they do. While the news is often full of stories about economic anxieties, this survey shows workers who are exceptionally optimistic. While they certainly express concerns, it’s clear that the vast majority feel like things will work out for themselves and their families.”

Of the more than 1,000 blue-collar workers surveyed from July 9-23, 69 percent told the Harris Poll on behalf of Express Employment Professionals that they are happy with the direction their local communities are headed, and 51 percent said the same about the direction of the country as a whole.

President Trump has often touted the increase in job opportunities for blue-collar workers in the United States under his administration and has held rallies at places such as factories and steel plants.

Fifty-five percent of the blue-collar workers surveyed said they are better off now than they were five years ago.

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