Yesterday, First Lady Melania Trump announced a new initiative to help children. It’s called the “Be Best” plan. It focuses on well-being, fighting opioid abuse and promoting positivity on social media. You can see the video of her talking about it here:

I wish her great success with this, and I hope the promotion of positivity on social media will also extend to adults who launch the childish attacks on her that permeate the Internet. I suppose I can understand why so many on the left attack her husband (he thwarted their Hillary coronation and is rolling back that “fundamental transformation” of America into Venezuela that they’ve long dreamed about). But the mindless venom aimed at his wife and son have long baffled and angered me.

Melania Trump is a beautiful lady, inside and out. She’s unfailingly kind and gracious, but also a fashionable and elegant hostess and perfect representative of America at state events. She didn’t seek a role in politics, but she’s tried to use the fact that she ended up there in a positive way to help America’s children. She’s a loving and conscientious mom, and an incredibly successful immigrant and accomplished career woman in her own right.

And for all of that, the left has relentlessly attacked, scorned, mocked and demeaned her in terms that, if they were aimed at any other woman or immigrant, they would brand as hateful and misogynistic. I’ve even seen this woman who speaks five languages mocked for having an accent by people who can barely speak one language coherently, to judge by their Twitter tweets. And through all those unfair verbal assaults, she’s continued on with quiet dignity and grace. As James Woods rightly noted, if she weren’t a Republican and married to Trump, she’d be on every fashion magazine cover and the liberal trend-set would be gushing over her as if she were the American Princess Diana.

Well, it’s taken over a year, but I think the majority of Americans are finally starting to see through the cruelty, unfairness and downright meanness of the attacks on the First Lady. A new CNN poll shows that her favorability rating has shot up to 57% (although I don’t understand why it isn’t 100%). She was already popular with Republicans, but the rise came mostly from a 15% increase among Democrats. CNN tried to explain it away as just sympathy over the embarrassment of the Stormy Daniels story, but that doesn’t pass the smell test since that story hasn’t harmed the President’s approval rating. I’d say if anyone is being embarrassed by that story, it’s CNN for giving it more airtime than the economy or denuclearizing of North Korea. And their embarrassment over it certainly hasn’t made them more popular (in the latest ratings, Fox News’ lowest-rated show had more viewers than CNN’s highest-rated show.)

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