President Trump’s approval rating is on the rise, thanks to “steady” support from Republican voters, his base that some have suggested are abandoning the White House.

Both Rasmussen Reports and Zogby Analytics put the president’s approval rating at 45 percent.

The latest Zogby Analytics survey said that more than three-quarters of Republicans are sticking with the president.

And independent voters are returning.

Said the pollster:

When it comes to party, President Trump’s numbers are steady among Republican likely voters; he has a 76 percent approval/22 percent disapproval rating among Republicans, which is almost identical from our July poll. Among Independents, Trump’s numbers have improved nearly seven points to 40 percent approval/50 percent disapproval.

Secrets reported earlier on the survey, noting that Trump was seeing new gains among Hispanic voters and union households.

Zogby’s highlights:

  • Hispanics. “Trump saw one the biggest improvements among any subgroup with Hispanics; his approval increased 11 percent to 42 percent approval versus 55 percent who disapprove of Trump’s job as president.”
  • Union households. “Trump’s numbers also increased significantly among union voters from 43 percent approval to 51 percent approval in August.”
  • Weekly Walmart shoppers. 55 percent approve while 43 percent disapprove.
  • Married voters. 53 percent approve vs. 43 percent disapprove.
  • Western voters. “Trump’s s approval increased 10 percent in the West to 43 percent approve/52 percent disapprove.”
  • Republican base. 76 percent approval vs. 22 percent disapproval.

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