Why do politicians constantly say they are seeking out “small donors” ?

Because in reality “small donors” like you and me make all the difference when we vote for a candidate; but until today, our votes often get compromised by “large donor” agendas when candidates become elected officials.

So, imagine with me for a moment a national movement where we each contribute $1/day or .50/day, or even .25/day to advocate for the principles that we believe in when it comes to the Federal Government actually governing. Could we really make a difference and impact the future in America? The answer is a resounding, “yes!” During the 2016 Trump for President efforts, several members of our newly developed team used social media to deliver over 450,000,000 impression ads targeting irregular voters, that would likely vote for DJT. Those dollars, wisely invested, certainly helped change the future in America in 2016. We believe that our new team can deliver like results across many federal races in favor or candidates supporting our values.

Our social media fan base is formidable and growing, and together we will continue to use these technical assets to impact the 2018 Federal elections for candidates that align with our issues AND, quite possibly, change the future in America through our Trump 2020 efforts (when the time comes.)

Please watch our newest social media video below, and consider making a ‘small donor’ pledge today.