People used to say that television was going to the the great educator; later followed by the the internet, which was going to be the great organizer. Well, television didn’t deliver on the promise and has pretty much devolved the great advertiser with some shoddy programming interspersed in-between commercials.

Unfortunately, the internet is headed in the same direction; advertising at the expense of everything else.

Just like television, people do not hit the “on” button to get bombarded with ads; except maybe on Super Sunday. All other days, people go online When online, looking for some information, some entertainment, and, probably a large portion of social media interaction.

But, even the best information, entertainment and social media sites are riddled with shoddy advertising and/or tracking cookies that continually serve ads for products searched for last week, and already purchased. Advertising is getting in the way of of what we consider to be the most important feature of the on-line education, entertainment and social media.

Our solution is simple. We don’t advertise, much.*
Instead, we organize.”

We do present stories and articles with which you may or may not agree. And, we encourage constructive two-way dialog that will serve to educate and persuade our readership with your particular point of view. We also don’t present all politics, all the time. (Even though we are organized as a political action committee.)

When people visit our site our goal is not to incite or agitate. We prefer that our readership not be outraged about every single thing with which they may disagree. We are not going to present you with provocative pictures and click-bait text designed to distract and tempt.  We do encourage civilized two-way dialog on the articles and events of the day.We wholeheartedly agree with things like personal freedom, individual and religious liberty, a government
loving our neighbors as we love ourselves, doing unto others, learning from past mistakes.